Medication Certification

Are you in need of Medication Certification 1, 2 or 3 or an Annual Re-cert. Course as a Home Health Aide or family member?
If yes, call Homefront Training Academy to register for a class with the Medication Certification RN Instructors. Please call to Schedule:

Tel: 937.999.4040


MED 1: Thu. 10am – 5pm (Day 1)MED 1: Fri. 10am – 5pm (Day 2)
BOTH CLASSES: Total = 14 hours
MED 2: Will Schedule as NeededMED 3: Will Schedule as NeededRe-Cert. Will Schedule as Needed
… Administering Medications Safely

Provider Certification Training

This 8 hour Training qualifies you to provide services for individuals under the Department of Developmentally Disability(DODD), on the following topics:

  1. Overview of Serving Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
  2. Assessment, Planning and Implementing the ISP
  3. Rights of People with DD and Restrictive Measures
  4. Person-Centered Services
  5. Introduction to Trauma- Informed Care
  6. Protecting the Health and Welfare of People with DD
  7. Universal Precautions
  8. Community Integration

Date: Every Tuesday (weekly) Time: 9am – 5pm
PRN: Classes also available upon request Time: as agreed upon

CPR & First Aid

Benefit = 2 Years CPR Certification instead of 1 Year
Benefit = Certification by American Heart Association and Red Cross
For these benefits and more, call Homefront Training Academy CPR & First Aid Instructors to attend one of the class sessions. Please call to Schedule:

Tel: 937.999.4040

Every Monday from 10am – 2pm
PRN: Group Classes also available upon request for 3 or more students
Time: as agreed upon
CPR & First Aid can save live

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